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Quality Control

We always adhere to: quanlity is our self-esteem!

The testing phases of our trackers contains 2 parts: R&D testing & production testing.

R & D testing includes upgrade testing, signal testing, functional testing, performance testing, installation testing and safety testing. Among them, Performance testing includes the misuse testing, fault tolerance test, voltage and current test, aging test, high-low temperature tests and voltage drop test. After R&D testing, we can know whether the tracker can withstand the impact of certain range of voltage and current, also be able to know whether GPS&GSM signal is good or not in different working environments and whether fault-blanking feature of the tracker is enabled when the working situation is bad, what is more, we can also know whether there is fault-tolerant protection when tracker get problem, as well as the aging and durableness of the tracker in different environments.

Production testing includes 3 phases as follows: the first testing phases, aging test phases, and secondary testing phases. Internal battery, FLASH chip, voltage regulator IC, Switching on/off Power Supply, MCU, GPS / GSM modules, basic settings, as well as the appearance of tracker will be tested during Production testing period.

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