GSM home Alarm-(GM10)

GSM Home Alarm system Support SMS/GPRS Support FIR sensor Remote control Two way communication Voice monitor

■ Functions and Features
Support SMS/GPRS
Support GSM 4 band
Built-in Microwave sensor
Support FIR sensor
Remote control: Maximum 20pcs
Type: Normal and special (preset SMS auto report)
Defense zone: 20 normal zones and 9 special zones.
All armed and partial armed.
Alarm report: Alert SMS and auto call go to preset three mobile phone
Monitoring: When a recipient picks up an auto call, he/she can hear
what is happening in their house.
Two-way communication: When a recipient picks up an auto call, he/she
can warn whoever enters into their house.
Power down alert/back up battery
Alarm setup: You can set up Armed/ Unarmed by remote control or
phone or SMS.
Wireless sensor: The GSM alarm system works with PIR motion sensor,
smoke detector, panic button, etc.
Monitor center: You can set one mobile phone number to be center
number. Alert SMS and auto call go to the center number.
Password protection
Reporting function
■ Child report
■ Office entry/exit report
SOS: In emergency status, (elder people or child) press the “!” key on

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